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Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Parts we offer are extremely important as well as valuable in manufacturing, modern day building, and construction sectors. These are demanded in several industries and are applicable for the sectors of tools, agriculture, car manufacturing, aircraft parts, shipping, medical, mining, catering, construction and electronic parts. Sheet Metal Parts are functional as the durable parts, made from the ideal high-strength material in several applications. These can be used in several harsh agricultural environments as well as high traffic environments. These can work well in several extreme temperatures. These are accessible with durable surface and can be used in several different climates as well as several weather conditions.

stamped sheet metal parts

  • Surface Treatment:Polishing
  • Making Process:Other
  • Material:Copper
Price: 1.00 INR/Piece

custom sheet metal parts

  • Surface Treatment:Polishing
  • Thickness:0.5 Millimeter (mm)
  • Making Process:Laser Cutting
  • Material:Other
Price: 0.36 INR/Piece

automobile sheet metal parts

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Surface Treatment:Polishing
  • Making Process:Other
  • Supply Ability:1000000 Per Month
Price: 0.30-2 INR/Piece

sheet metal parts manufacturer

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Making Process:Other
  • Thickness:0.50 Millimeter (mm)
  • Surface Treatment:Polishing
Price: 0.90 INR/Piece

Automotive Sheet Metal Parts

  • Material:Copper, Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Other
  • Surface Treatment:Nickel Plating, Other
  • Making Process:Other, Stamping
  • Supply Ability:10000000 Per Month

Precision sheet metal parts

  • Surface Treatment:Nickel Plating
  • Making Process:Stamping, Other
  • Material:Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Other
  • Supply Ability:10000000 Per Month
Price: 4.38 INR/Piece

Brass Pressed Component

  • Surface:Other
  • Product Type:ELECTRICAL
  • Making Process:Other
  • Thickness:1 Millimeter (mm)
  • Material:Other
  • Weight:2 Grams (g)
Price: 1.44 INR/Piece

Non Ferrous Sheet Metal Part

Minimum Order Quantity - 50000 Nos.
Price: 1.00 INR/Piece

progressive sheet metal component

  • Capacity:10-50 Kg/hr
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Surface Treatment:Polishing
  • Thickness:1-10 Millimeter (mm)
  • Making Process:Mig Welding
  • Supply Ability:60000 Per Day
Price: 0.60-1.60 INR/Piece

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